Steyr Precision Rifle 2

Unknown Distance

(Variable distance targets from 100-600 yards)

SPR-2 (Steyr Precision Rifle 2) is a two day course focused in extending the capabilities of those graduating from of the SPR-1 course or any other recognized sniper program. The focus of the head instructor Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta will be in advancing student skills using the latest precision shooting techniques so they can engage multiple unknown range targets successfully up to 600 yards and beyond. The only limitation will be the range. There will be Unknown Distance targets located in multiple directions that force the shooter to range quickly, using LRF and MIL reticles, and also find the Fire Solution to each one. This includes factoring in complex winds, all with a small amount of calculated time. This is no place for those still figuring out how to use their ballistic computers, face multiple winds, or those struggling with their fundamentals. The complexity of this two day course is the reason why we insist on taking the SPR-1 prior to this advanced course. The introductory course will give you the foundation in fundamentals, ballistics and equipment knowledge to be able to perform the exercises from SPR-2.

During this course, we will teach theory and practice methods including: advanced practical skills, ranging and range cards, ballistics and wind reading so the student can maximize Steyr's accuracy potential. You will be able to operate with confidence on your own and back home shooting targets or hunting. Put your Steyr rifle and equipment to the test to learn how to get 100% out of your setup. You will also learn how to identify the limitations of your equipment and decide what long range shots are feasible whether you a firing a .308 Win. or .338 Lap. Mag.


  • SPR-1 or any other reputable sniper course


  • Advanced Marksmanship

  • Recap of Shooting Fundamentals

  • Recap of Advanced Data Collection

  • Long Range External Ballistics

  • Target Ranging

  • Range Cards

  • Table-Making

  • Long Range Wind Shooting

  • Rifle Configuration and Setup

  • Caliber and Equipment Limitations and How to Counter Them

  • Scope and Optic Limitations

  • Advanced Cleaning Procedures and New Cleaning Techniques

  • Intro to 1 Mile and 2 Mile Shooting



Tuition Includes:

  • Range Fees

  • Written materials

  • Steyr Academy Patch

  • Completion Certificate

  • Lunch for both days

        Tuition Does Not Include:

  • Snacks are available for purchase at the CMP facility.

  • Lodging is also not included.


Class begins at 9:00am CST and lasts until 5:00pm CST each day at the CMP Range. If you plan to travel home by air on the last day, please be prepared to stay in class until 5:00pm. If you have any special travel requirements or limitations, don't hesitate to ask.



4387 Turner Mill Road

Talladega, AL 35160


Renting a Rifle

Steyr rental rifles are available for a reasonable fee to be used during the course (fee depending on models, calibers and configuration). Match ammunition is included with the rental. Please let us know after you purchase the course which rifle you would like to rent (if applicable).

Required equipment

Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

This course is the perfect place to put your own equipment to the test. We encourage you to bring your own equipment and see if it is up to the task.

  • Steyr rifle (heavy barrel, 20" minimum) zeroed at your preferred zero distance

  • 150 rounds of your preferred ammunition

  • High power rifle scope at least 18X to 25X (tactical scopes with ranging reticle preferred)

  • Shooting mat

  • Personal shooting head gear

  • Personal rifle and scope tools

  • Personal cleaning equipment

  • Notebook and writing utensils

  • Personal shooting logbook (Steyr Logbook available for purchase in Pro-Shop)

  • Hearing and Eye Protection (electronic protection recommended)

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather, including rain gear (we shoot rain or shine, in cold or hot weather)

optional equipment



  • Reticle equipped spotting scope and tripod

  • Anemometer (Kestrel with DA)

  • Ballistic Software (smartphone, PDA, or Laptop-based)

  • Laser Range Finder

  • Rear Sandbag, Bean Bag, or Rear Monopod

  • Knee and Elbow Pads

  • Insect Repellent and Sun Block