Steyr AUG Carbine Course

AUG-CC (Steyr AUG Carbine Course) is a two day operator (over 16 hour) course that provides blocks of instruction covering technical knowledge, fundamental skills, practical operations, and tactical application of the Steyr AUG rifle. Whether you are new AUG owner, a law enforcement officer, 3-gun competitor, collector, or just a die-hard fan of the iconic bullpup, this class will increase your proficiency and comfort with the AUG.  Instructors Jake King and Brian Marshall will have students engage a variety of targets (static, moving, reactive) at various distances. The course will include drills and skill builders, precision courses of fire, and dynamic “run and gun” courses, some of which duplicate the AUG's famous co-starring roles in movies and TV. 

If you don't own a Steyr AUG prior to the course, you can rent one for the duration. Other Steyr firearms will be made available for demo shooting. By the end of the course, you will be able to operate the AUG with confidence.

AUG-CC is a stand-alone course for those wanting to become familiar with the manual of arms, application, and operation of the iconic Steyr AUG bullpup. This course starts with the basics, but it is more than just a beginner’s rifle school. Graduates will receive progressive instruction including practical and tactical marksmanship with the AUG platform.


  • Technical​

    • History & nomenclature​

    • User Maintenance

    • Rifle set up and ammunition selection

  • Fundamental

    • Basic Operation​

    • Zeroing distances and hold overs

  • Practical

    • Malfunction Clearance​

    • Speed and accuracy drills on static targets and steel

  • Tactical

    • Reactive and moving targets​

    • Alternate positions

    • Movement

    • Use of cover



Tuition Includes:

  • Range Fees

  • Written materials

  • Steyr Academy Patch

  • Completion Certificate

  • Lunch for both days

        Tuition Does Not Include:

  • Snacks are available for purchase at the CMP facility.

  • Lodging is also not included.


CMP Range gate opens at 8:30am CST.  Report to main clubhouse on first day. Class begins at 9:00am and lasts until 5:00pm. If you plan to travel home by air on the last day, please be prepared to stay in class until 5:00pm. If you have any special travel requirements or limitations, don't hesitate to ask.

Immediately after class on Day 1, students are invited to attend an optional class dinner at 5:30pm with the instructors. The local restaurant is a great casual place with seafood, steaks, and great Cajun recipes.



4387 Turner Mill Road

Talladega, AL 35160


Renting a Rifle

Steyr rental rifles are available for a reasonable fee that can be used for the duration of the course (fee depending on models, calibers and configuration). Please let us know after you purchase the course which rifle you would like to rent (if applicable).

Required equipment

Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

This course is the perfect place to put your Steyr equipment to the test. We encourage you to bring your Steyr equipment and see if it is up to the task.

  • Steyr AUG zeroed at your preferred zero distance

  • 400 rounds of your preferred ammunition

  • Minimum of 2 magazines (3-5 is recommended)

  • Sling of your preference

  • Personal shooting head gear (hat)

  • Personal scope/optic adjustment tool

  • Hearing and Eye Protection (electronic protection recommended)

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather, including rain gear (we shoot rain or shine, in cold or hot weather)

optional equipment



  • Additional AUG Barrels

  • Additional Optics

  • Sound Suppressors

  • Magazine Pouches (belt type, plate or vest carrier, etc)

    • Belt pouches will be available to borrow/buy during class

  • Dump Pouches/Bags

  • Knee and Elbow Pads

  • Insect Repellent and Sun Block

  • A change of clothes or clean shirt on Day 1 if you plan to attend the optional student dinner