Il Ling New



Il Ling New grew up hunting, and started working for her father's outfitting service as a teen. She received her first guide's license at 17. Later, she became the first female captain of her university's shooting team. In 1982, while at a rifle class taught by Colonel Jeff Cooper, Il Ling shot her first bolt-action rifle -- Col. Cooper’s Scout prototype, “Sweetheart.”  She has used the Scout rifle in various applications ever since.   Il Ling was a professional guide in the US; she has also assisted hunters in Australia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mozambique.  In 2001, Il Ling turned to a career in firearms training, and  teaches rifle, handgun, and shotgun skills for both hunting and defensive use.

Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta

Academy Director & Head Instructor


Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta , Steyr Arms Academy Director, has gained international recognition as tactical and survival book writer and as one of the world's leading experts on sniping and long-range shooting. Through his work as sniper instructor for various NATO and allied countries, his successes in international long-range competition, and his articles and books in the United States, he has reached a position among the foremost authorities on sniping, special operations weaponry, and survival. In 2017 he got international recognition for inventing the King of 2 Miles competition which has become the top ELR competition and has had a 13 episode Pay-per-view serial.


Mr. Fontcuberta, a Spanish Foreign Legion “Caballero Legionario,” served in the Spanish forces in North Africa. He was trained by such sniper instructors as Neil Terry, John Plaster, and Derrick Bartlett and was coached by the late Carlos Hathcock and Jeff Cooper.


Over the past 20 years, Mr. Abril has trained snipers from various NATO countries (US included) and currently is the Steyr Arms  Academy Director in Alabama. In the EU, he has been weapons specialist and instructor for Barrett Firearms in Spain and for other countries as well. He has trained sniper instructors from all Spanish special forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force), as well as La Legion and Spain's most secret units, the "SEAL" teams (FGNE) from the Navy and UEI from Guardia Civil. He is one of the world's leading experts on "hard target interdiction" with 12.70mm caliber rifles (.50 BMG), derived from his vast experience as a Barrett and Steyr-Mannlicher long-range specialist sniper. In 2012, Mr. Abril was a leading speaker at the High Speed Boat Operations Forum and introduced the concept of advanced medium-range high-speed boat sniping.


As an author, Mr. Abril is one of the few Europeans and the only Spaniard who writes regularly for Athlon Outdoors, the world leader in tactical publications. His book Ultimate Sniper in Spanish (coauthored with Maj. John Plaster and published by Paladin Press) is considered the bible of sniping in Spanish and is used by military and police forces in most Spanish-speaking countries as their training manual. In 2012, he published 100+ Sniper Exercises also with Paladin Press. Mr. Abril has two more books in the works. 


As a technical consultant, Mr. Abril has worked with Barrett, NAMMO Raufoss, Aimpoint, SureFire, 5.11, Hardigg, VersaPOD, Steyr Arms, Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender, Simrad Optronics-Vinghog, and Patagonia Ballistics. He is a professional shooter for Steyr Arms as part of its R & D team to refine their weapon designs.


As a long-range competitor, he has a successful and long career. In the last few years, has won various classes in 1000 yards .50 BMG World Championships ( 2011, 2013 and 2014, 2015 and 2016) and has been very successful also as a member of the Spanish F-Class National team having won Second place in the FTR team event in the 2014 Europeans.

Brian Marshall



Brian Marshall has over 23 years of law enforcement experience working for the Marietta Police Department and the U.S. Secret Service.  He has specialized in several areas to include investigations, firearms training, SWAT operations, hostage negotiations, and dignitary protection.  He has a bachelor’s degree from Samford University and a Master’s degree from Columbus State University. Brian is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute (SPI) at University of Louisville, KY.

Brian teaches and lectures around the country in the areas of weapon mounted lights/low light shooting, active shooter response and incident command, and master level firearms instruction.  He is an Adjunct Instructor for Texas State University for ALERRT. He has taught the Steyr AUG for over a decade to law enforcement agencies from around the US and the world.  Brian is a certified armorer in multiple weapons platforms including the Steyr AUG. Brian is currently a command staff Major with the Marietta Police Department.

Jake King



Jake King joined the Marietta Police Department in 1998. He currently oversees the Day Watch shift within Uniform Patrol as a Major. Jake earned his graduate degree of Public Safety Management from Columbus State University. He has attended Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) by IACP and Professional Management Program (PMP) from Columbus State University. Finally, he attended the FBI National Academy in 2016.

Major King has been a Firearms instructor for 15 years and teaches master instruction of advanced/progressive firearms training throughout the region. To date, he has been a member of the SWAT for 17 years and moved through the ranks of the team to currently being the Commander.  He also is an Adjunct Instructor for Texas State University for the ALERRT program. He has been a patrol officer, field training officer, crime scene technician, patrol sergeant, patrol lieutenant, SWAT operator, community outreach/bike patrol officer, detective, weapons armorer, and PIO.  Major King is the past recipient of Marietta Police “Medal of Meritorious Service”, City of Marietta “ Supervisor of the Year” and “City Manager” awards.  Jake has taught the Steyr AUG to law enforcement officers from around the US and helped them to integrate it into their armories.  

Mario Marchman



Mario Marchman was a Sergeant with the Glendale, California Police Department for 31 years. During his career he was assigned to Patrol, Narcotics, and  Special Enforcement Detail. Once promoted to Sergeant he supervised Special Enforcement, Gangs, and was a team leader on S.W.A.T. For the last 15 years of his career, collateral duties included primary instructor for firearms and less lethal options. 

For the last 25+ years Mario has been an instructor at a leading firearms training facility teaching handgun, rifle, and shotgun. He has also taught various organizations, both law enforcement and civilian, on the use of various weapon systems.


Mario is an avid hunter having hunted in the United States, South America, Australia, and Africa.

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